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MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus,

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Product Details

  • MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus aids in muscle protein synthesis
  • Whey Protein Plus from MuscleTech increases lean muscle
  • It helps to boost the overall strength and stamina
  • It is a ultra high quality whey protein, which helps to enhance your muscle recovery
  • MuscleTech 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus is contains essential nutrients, which helps to reduce your post-workout fatigue.
Sold by: Puri Enterprises. Fulfilled by HealthKart.
Manufacturer: Muscletech, Lovate Health Science, 3880 Jeffery Blvd. Blasdell, NY 14219, USA, Contact: 18669279686, Email:
Product Info
General Traits
Weight5 lb
Weight (kg)2.27
Protein % per Serving61.0
Price per kg2307.36
Number of Servings70
Serving Size32.7 g
Protein per Serving20 g
Additional Information

GoalMuscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Other Traits
Product Code/UPC631656702842

Nutritional Info For Whey Proteins
Protein20 g
Protein % per Serving61.0
Compare Whey Proteins Spec Group
Helps inMuscle Building,Muscle Recovery
Price per serving74.91
Protein % per Serving61.0
Protein per Serving20 g
Serving Size32.7 g

MuscleTech, 100% Premium Whey Protein Plus

Why settle for less when you have some of the best bodybuilding supplements available to support the nutritional requirements of your body. When you train hard, the first thing that you need to ensure is that your body gets the right nutrients in order to recover faster and build higher quality muscle fibers.
All fitness enthusiasts will swear by Whey protein supplements that replenish the amino acids that are lost in the muscles when you work out. They also make it easier for you to reach your daily required intake of proteins without having to sit down for multiple meals.
MuscleTech Premium Whey Protein has been the staple among professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts for decades because of the high-quality supplements provided by them to give you better results, faster.
This MuscleTech Whey Protein comes with an advanced formula which ensures that you get fast absorbing proteins in large quantities in order to get closer to the physique that you dreamt of.
  • 70% Better: Muscletech 100 premium whey protein is a product that you can trust completely. It is known to be 70% better than any other whey protein supplement in order to help your body recover faster and develop leaner and stronger muscles. The quality of protein is higher and is specially formulated to allow quick and easy absorption.
  • Instantized Whey Protein: With each scoop of Muscletech 100 premium whey protein you get 20 grams of instantized whey proteins that have the highest biological value. The higher the biological value, the easier it is for your body to process and absorb. Multiple filtration techniques ensure that the level of fat, lactose, and any other impurities are reduced to give you 100% proteins for better nutritional support.
  • Enhanced formula: MuscleTech Whey Protein Plus contains whey protein concentrates, isolates and peptides. In addition to that, you have a special recovery blend which includes BCAAs and Glutamine to prevent muscle loss and muscle fatigue.
  • High-quality core ingredients: The core ingredients of MuscleTech Whey Protein Plus are scientifically proven to have better quality core ingredients than regular whey proteins. Studies revealed that those who used this supplement were able to gain two times more strength in the muscles and also more lean muscle in comparison to those who consumed regular whey protein supplements.


Instantized whey proteins improve mixing of the supplement. So you can make great shakes in flavors like Triple Chocolate and Deluxe Vanilla.

How to Consume Muscletech whey protein?

You can consume 2 servings each day. Mix one scoop with 120-150 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. You can also add it to other beverages or snacks like oatmeal.
Consume one scoop after your workout and one scoop in between your meals for best results. It is important to note that you must never consume more than 5 scoops in a 24 hour period. Also, make sure that you drink a lot of water for better results.

Where to Buy?

You can buy Muscletech 100 premium whey protein online on HealthKart. You can get a range of additional nutritional supplements to support your training goals. With each product, you also have the benefit of great deals and combos and the advantage of having it delivered to your doorstep

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